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I salute you; that’s a funny word but I do and welcome you to my blog; Imero. This word means life in Wanga, a Bantu language in Kenya. This is what my blog is about; mainly about improving lives and positivism. In my life, I have learned that how we as humans perceive ourselves or what is around us, affects greatly on how we relate to ourselves and to others. Our minds in a large way control us and that is what I focus on; write about; the positive side of it and how with each passing day we can help make our lives and the lives of our fellow men be a little better one constructive thought at a time.

Everything we end up doing starts from within. Our speech and deeds stem from our thoughts. If our minds are right or growing, this reflects on all we do and say. I would love to help people from the inside; encourage them to think wisely, challenge them to condition their minds positively and expound on a different point of view in a variety of subjects. I hope you will grow with me as I write too for myself and that you will enjoy my writing. I also hope that I will be a beacon of hope to you as you read my posts. Let me know your thoughts through your comments and you can also reach me on my email; Let’s begin