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I heard your favorite song last night. The one you loved dancing to at night. Do you remember it? You don’t listen to music anymore and don’t dance as much as you did. I know you’ve been climbing a steep hill and are walking a very narrow road right now. But there is more to life, better things. You need to believe that. Hold on to it tightly. Let’s make it to the other side together. I forgive you.

But you’re carrying too much. Let go. Just place it down and leave it there. You don’t need it right now. Those are past things; long gone already burnt in ashes. Why are you carrying dead weight with you? It is slowing down your walk and cramping your style. Leave them behind and forgive yourself.

I forgive you for all your choices.

I know you think you would have made better ones. You think you should have stayed away or said no, and left. Some things were happening to you then, and that’s what you thought was best. Don’t tell me you didn’t want what you did then.

But you’ve grown, and you have learned there are more things. Now you know more. You made those choices as your younger self, so don’t look at them with your grown eyes. It was a different time, another life, and you were also not who you are now. And that time is passed, there is no way you can go back to it physically. That’s why there should also be no way back mentally.

I know some hurt remained. Some doors opened, and a part of you that was whole, feels intruded. I see the toll those loads are taking on you. But you need to put them down if you’re to make it where you’re going.

Make room for what is coming and what is new. Let it find you ready to partake of it. It’s a brand new day, and here you are now, not in yesterday.

I forgive you. Yes, I do. Completely. I will no longer hold your past actions or inactions over you. Can you hear me?

I forgive you. I have forgiven you.

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