Margaret Sitawa

I’ve been thinking about what to write about myself. It seems redundant to explain myself in a way I think you will know about me. Maybe get some insight into who I am, but I believe only those you really love will ever know you.

My name is Margaret Sitawa, but I go by Sitawa, most of the time anyway. I like that name. It’s unique and defines me. I would have loved to have two African names and might change to that later in life.

I crave enough and not more than that. Here’s to hoping this won’t change in the future. I love being comfortable, having just exactly what I need. More than that, I think is unnecessary. not to say that I am not vain. I love things, beautiful things. They make me feel good at times. And enough is relative anyway; what is enough for me might not be the same for you.

I love the sun; would have it every day if I could.

Sometimes, I believe I get some of my power from it. I feel energized and rejuvenated whenever I take a bask, especially in the morning.

Music is an integral part of my life too. I get alive and relaxed when a song I love comes along. I think my life has been made better because of music. Some people, outstanding people I’ve connected with in my life are because of music.

I’m keen on words; come in my poetry. I believe they have immense power and can ultimately change lives. Poems are a way for me to let go, to release and reflect on my life. You will find so much of that here.

IamSitawa is a blog I started to share my view on life, my angle on experiences, and lessons I’ve learned along the way. There are inspirational articles, poems, pics, and recipes exploring life on my side in the best way I choose to showcase.

This site is basically my fingerprint.

It’s a way for me to connect and release simultaneously, and I hope there are one or two things that will benefit you as you scour through. Everyone has their own thing, a unique property meant for the good of humanity. I might be reaching at straws, but this here; these words are my thing.

So, let’s get on!