About Me

About Me

I am Sitawa, a writer and professional poet with just about 4 years of experience (non-school though)

I will try not to bore you with factoids about myself. Stick with me though, I might teach you a thing or two. Or more. 

I’ve had a life, like we all do; not normal or otherwise. Normal indicates conforming to a certain standard whereas I think no one life is like another. We might have both gone to school, lived in a single-parent family but some things must have been different; for everyone.

So my life is a little bit like yours; I’ve had pain and joy, I’ve been sick and healthy and I’ve also sang in the shower. Don’t deny it, I know you have too. 

That’s why I started I started this blog. I know there are stuff about e that aren’t like yours but our core emotion is the same regardless of where you’re from. 

So I know we’ll relate. We connect to people through various ways and mine is writing. Stay a while, read something and get to know me. 


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What others have said about me

“I don't usually read full blog posts but yours, I read.”

Dolla Martin

“You're very inspiring. Continue with the good work”

Priscilla Muli

"Thank you for being honest."

Eunice W.

"You are amazing. You need to know that."

Baba Chris