About Sitawa

I go by Sitawa, but my other name is Margaret. I’m a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. These come before everything else; relationships are very important to me, I treasure them dearly.

I’m assertive, quiet, smart and a really great solution finder. I pride myself on my problem-solving skills. I love all things pertaining to the psyche. Our minds control how we are and I am fascinated by how much we can accomplish when we set them right; this is what my blog is mainly about. I am also a content writer and a poet. I love learning new things, amassing knowledge and being of help to my fellow humans. In addition, I have a bachelors degree in applied statistics with computing.

A food lover and a fun having woman also describe me. I love traveling and having long conversations with myself. I have been described as quiet many a times but I somehow seem to disagree with this. Laughter is my best medicine and this is a base for me to share life through my eyes. I hope to inspire and encourage you and fulfill my life’s purpose into turning whatever I have into something exceptional.

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