Ask those questions

I’m the kind of person that shies away from asking the questions I need to. This is mostly because I mean to preserve the peace with those around me. Ultimately, I end up disturbed making assumptions of what I wanted knowing. This mode of action has left me broken, scarred, fearful, and unhappy most times. I’m not talking about questions prying into other people’s lives; I mean the kind that we need to ask to determine where we stand in other people’s lives or the ones that are crucial to our growth and development. The kind we really need to ask and sometimes may be the only ones we have to.

I’m closed off generally speaking and I think with age and responsibility comes harder and tougher questions and I found it easier to brush things off than just know the truth. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the truth does hurt but you know what it also sets you free. So I am learning to go on ahead and ask those questions.

My fear of asking questions left everything piled up and unresolved. After a while when things go unfinished, it’s all I saw. All those piles I didn’t empty, blocked my view of what’s beautiful or peaceful and soon I couldn’t trust anything else. I reached my breaking point and I decided it was time, I had to ask and I needed to know. I was still fearful and worried but I knew I would not forgive myself if I didn’t. What’s the worst that could happen? that was my comfort as I cooled myself down to ask the question.

I did ask finally, I made sure I was calm, didn’t apologize for it or start with unnecessary jargon, I just asked. Fortunately, I was answered and as much as I didn’t like the answer, I was proud of myself and I felt relieved to know. This knowledge helped me saw where I stood and I could move on upon that information

For all those afraid to ask, don’t be. Choose to know.

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