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Be Alone

They say misery loves company but it seems today more and more people prefer solitude when they’re miserable. I for one am those people. We’re always encouraged to surround ourselves with family and friends. This is a vital thing but sometimes one needs to be by themselves. This is not necessarily understood by those who love us. However it is something that should be enjoyed by each of us. Being alone allows you to think quietly about what you deem important in your life. You enjoy your own company and discover what it is you really want for yourself. It’s not at all times that it’s an indicator of loneliness or depression. More so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but at one point in our lives it’s essential to be alone.

We need to be alone sometimes

Various stages or circumstances in our lives necessitate lonesomeness. These may be different for every one of us. Some people prefer it when they’re sad; others when angry while others when extremely ecstatic. Seclusion from others lets you analyse the situation clearly from your own perspective. It also permits you to revel in it, appreciate it and sometimes find solutions for it in line with your own thinking.

It is not always undertaken for a particular reason. You may just want to be alone for the sake of it. For other people, isolation is part of their personality; it is who they are and how they function. This is usually frowned upon by those who don’t understand or value it and this should not be the case. At times the individual choosing to be alone may not even comprehend the reasons behind it. Nevertheless it’s his/her desire all the same and that should be respected.

For me, I desire this isolation especially when I’m pregnant. I can’t really explain why but at that time, I just want to be by myself. It was not a constant feeling throughout the whole period. But most of the time I secluded myself from my friends and my family. It felt relaxing, revitalizing and peaceful to be by myself at the times when I wanted to be. Also, it was great that I had the opportunity to be. Those chances did not always present themselves when I needed the so whenever they came, I took them gleefully.

Let your loved ones know

In hindsight though, I think it would have been better to let my loved ones know that I preferred being left alone. Instead I dodged their calls and failed to answer their texts and messages. Notifying them makes the whole process easier for you and them, sometimes anyway. It may not always be something that you’d want to do which is the case for most people. You hope they’ll take a hint or altogether not contact you.

In the end, all of us share this feeling during some moments in our life. Therefore, we should be accommodating of those who desire solitude. Be respectful of their decisions and understand that it’s not always about us. We should also know that at one point we may be the ones needing solitude and would want those close to us to do the same for us. It is not shameful, something to feel sorry or self-pity for. However it is rather a basic need for everyone for rest, self-growth and personal development and healing. So take that time for yourself to be by yourself, to enjoy your company. It may just be what you desperately need.

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