Be Fearless and Write it All Down Now

Photo by Delano Ramdas on Unsplash

It is another year, and some of us are turning the big 3Oh. Three what?! I cannot believe I am almost through with my twenties. They were something. 2022 is my year; it is all our year. That is pretty much how we begin each new year. The start of a new year gives us renewed strength to follow our paths, conquer our demons and fulfill some wishes we had for years.

So, we say it is time. Now is the time.

Most of us write down everything we would like to achieve, subject to where we are. However, we water down some of those goals. We do not think they can become true. We scrap off others entirely. Maybe next year, or the one after. That is more logical, we say.

I used to have a new year’s resolutions list that mostly got forgotten after February. Well, you know how love makes us forget. Later down the year, maybe June, almost November, I remembered my desires. Sometimes I would stumble upon my list, one of the thorough-cleaning days, and sigh. Everything comes in its own time. This statement calmed me down.

Some years back, I threw away that list.

Who needs one anyway when I have this powerful mind? So, I would have only one thing for each year. It was simple and not easily forgettable. In 2018 I wanted to know God, but 2019 was a blur; I forget what that year was about, although I ended up growing emotionally in a profound wayThe year 2020 was getting published, and 2021 was moving out. All these happened, and I started grounding myself in the power of one resolution.

However, in 2021 I learned that as much as I wanted that one thing;

  • It does not mean that all my troubles are gone.
  • There are still other things that need work within that one thing.
  • So many other unforeseen circumstances come with the fruition of that goal.

I do not know how I survived November and December, but if there is someone happy that we are in a new year, it is me.

I have no one thing for this year.

2022 is all about everything for me.

I was afraid, and I let fear shrink my list into one but not anymore. At the end of 2021, a close friend of mine, JC, told me about the power of writing down, which came true for me. Well, most things I wrote.

We write down our dreams in oblivion. We have no idea if we will be alive or healthy to fulfill them. Some of those things seem so crazy. We end up laughing at ourselves. Other items on that list seem so big and scary we have no idea where to start. They seem more like wishes.

Still, write, all the same, every little thing in your mind, every big hope that you have. Write it all down, dry out that pen, embrace those impossibilities, and shatter your beliefs. Put it all there in that book. Nothing is too small or too big. And not just for the new year, for every month, every day, take note of it all.

Because you know what, the universe is abundant in its giving. It has everything we need and want.

Provision comes after the vision.

Every massive company, phenomenal person, the epic places started as a thought, then a note. All these did not begin by having ways of being done. They started first by thinking that it was possible, then believing, and finally finding ways to do it. Everything you need in your possession to do what you want happens after having the vision to do it.

That is why you need to be fearless in your goals because always, provision comes after the vision.

So dream and write and live.

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