A Temporary, Awesome Way to Make Your Mood Better

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Constant positivity, are you tired of it? Why can’t you be gloomy? It is human, and we are human. Spill your guts about the parts of you you hate, the ones that you take part in selfishly. And yes, you didn’t learn anything from them. You have no positive angle to give. Why don’t you revel in this? Is that what you are thinking? I understand. I’ve been there too. Then you are wondering why I would write another be-positive article all over again. Why am I betraying myself? It’s because a crappy mood is the worst. You can’t evade them, I know, and I am not telling you to. This works for a short while.

Crappy moods make me cranky. Most of the time, I withdraw from people to protect them from myself and deal with my issues. Whoever said misery loves company must have been seriously extroverted because it is the complete opposite for me.

Last Sunday, I woke up in a mood.

Sad thoughts, feeling insignificant in my life and not in the place I want to be. I have a bigger problem than my mood. I know that. But that day, I had a lot of work to do, house chores that would get harder if I continued my negative thinking. For an hour to three, I needed vitality, good energy that would make my work more bearable.

So I started by trying to change my thoughts. Thinking of how things will better things, I will move out, get my place. Yeah, that is about it for me now. It is the one thing I want now and was supposed to make me happier, better. Five thoughts later, I was out. I could not come up with any grander thing to push myself away from the horizon of gloom. I was even now sadder. Angry that my thoughts had not yielded what I expected.

So I decided to speak and pray.

Give me a minute here. You do not need to go on your knees, place your hands together and seek a mighty creator of the universe to absolve you of your nastiness. No, you do not.

What I mean is I had a conversation with myself, with just enough volume to hear what I was saying. It went like this,

Hey Maggie, I need to talk to you.
Yes, speak.
I want to tell you that I am sad today. Nothing is working out for me. I want to move out, to have a place separate for myself and my kids.
I do not feel pretty this morning, my hair is a total mess, and I have pimples on the left side of my face.
Is that all?

Well, the conversation went a little further than that but let me stop here for now. I was laughing while crying throughout that conversation. I forgot even what I was thinking.

It was my belief and firm idea that our thoughts inform our mood. Nothing tramps that. They are the roots, and everything stems from them. That is not true.

We can change what we think, how we feel by what we say.

Spoken words have the power we always think they do. We forget to tell them to ourselves. When was the last time you spoke to yourself? Maybe not long ago, but did you reply? You need to. The words you say back make the difference.

All you need is yourself, your mouth, and your voice. Do not go reading off a book or anything else; you do not usually practice conversations beforehand. Sit down where you feel most comfortable, speak back to yourself and answer your questions.

Get yourself in a better mood by talking back

For an hour or two when you need to. It is what helped me that day, try it out and see that it works.
It is a great way to change your mood, albeit temporary.

Thank you for spreading the love

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