Accepting your flaws; body.

So I woke up this morning to the same body I slept in yesterday but something felt a bit different. When I looked at the stretch marks on my right buttock, I smiled. I didn’t know why then but I think I have started accepting my bodily flaws. It’s not that I looked at them and felt overjoyed or disgusted, I just felt me. These are marks mine and somehow not only fully realized it but accepted it too, as part of who I am.

I think the flaws in our body are the ones we struggle to accept the most, damn our minds and hearts. This is so because they’re the ones we constantly see in ourselves and others. They’re the ones we experience first in other people. Always present, ever glaring; a ringing reminder.

Are they flaws really, or just us?

These parts of ourselves we think should look or feel a certain way are they flaws really, or just who we are? The moment we think something shouldn’t be as it is, it turns into a fault, a mistake that should be corrected. Granted, there are a few things we’d love to change. Personally, I’d love a dental rework. This begs the question. do I not like my teeth? I do love them, they’re me. Then why do I want to change them? Well, just because you want to change something doesn’t mean it’s bad. It could mean you want it to look a certain way, the way you want it to.

And I mean I’m present with my body. Measurements know me; weight, height, girth. Call it obsession but I really want to know where I’m at every day. I’m actually looking to buy a weighing machine at home. So, getting a ‘this is me’ feeling with my body is a great step for me.

It’s only when we accept ourselves for who we are now, do we become who we want to be. This is what I felt after that realization. It is in acceptance that ‘flaws and all’ just becomes one word; ‘me’. After acceptance, we become intentional in where we want to be and how we want our bodies to look like.

Are you accepting of your image, of your body?

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