Bored and Stuck

Photo by Margaret Sitawa

I’m so bored but at least I have internet. This pandemic without internet would have been the worst. We’re the generation that got stuck in with streaming devices and wifi. For the ones who can afford it, anyway. I don’t feel like writing. Moreover, I’m tired most the time without doing much work. So I sit and got through whatsapp statuses. My job’s on hold cause of this Corona. Thank God. Schools are closed. Because I don’t know where I’d get cash for school stuff for my kids. Why were we even born? Why did God make us? All this figuring life out is a lot. The excitement I need seems so far away. I would like to live with just my kids but that would mean working harder to maintain said life. Nevertheless, I’d have my freedom and that would be all worth it, I think.

When we get what we want, It fades in comparison to what we thought it would be. So, I’m trying to imagine a worse scenario. But really who would want to think like that? Think negatively of the things they’d like to have. Not me. I’ll think of rainbows and sunshine and all the sex we’ll have. There’s so much disappointment we can take. Let that happen only in reality. At least my fantasies should feel like heaven.

Stuck and bored

Someone please discover me, I’m model and a writer, poet. I know how to laugh very well and I plait too. My electrician, plumbing skills still need some work but I create websites, will this one and Elbmac.

Anyway, I’m so tired. I won’t be able to write a good conclusion but wherever you are I hope you’ve had a delicious meal. Bye now. Let me go take some pictures. And videos. Thank goodness for smartphones too. Probably not, I don’t have the energy.

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