Breaking habits

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So you know I’m starting over and if you don’t, you know now. In this journey that I have chosen to undertake, I have discovered I need to do things a new. If I want different results I need a new way, one which is intentional. One I haven’t done before. However, for me to achieve this, I need to break my old habits.

It’s a lot of work, starting this blog and at times I have thought of just republishing my old posts as they were. It would really be easy for me, reduce so much of my work and fill empty spaces. Though, every time I think about doing that, I remember this is a new phase for me and if I desire change I can’t bring the old tricks into new ways.

There’s a reason why it’s said ‘breaking habits’. Break indicating that you need force to do away with is. It’s not something easy. I do think that habits are not things we can do away with entirely but rather form new ones. I have habits I don’t like at all, some that I love and others I don’t think I’ll ever. For the ones I have succeeded in removing from my life, I simply adopted new ones.

Adopt new habits for the ones you don’t like.

I’ve been writing and a thought just occurred to me. I wondered if I should have said bad habits? To me, bad and good are relative, There are habits I do that you may consider good and another person bad. So, let this be specific to you; define is as one You don’t like/ want to do away with.

For these kind of habits, the best way I have found out to stop them is to start doing that which I like. Step by step slowly, this new habit will be imbued in you and you’ll discover the old one is gone. It takes, reminding yourself and staying focused on the journey but it is very doable. And you know, a habit is a disease, so choose your right sickness.

Is there a habit you have that you dislike extremely and wish to stop it? Is there one you’ve broken and how did you do it? Do you feel like there’s one you don’t want to stop, one you don’t think you’ll ever stop? Talk to me.

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