Feelings and doing.

I don’t know if I’m getting old, wise or tired? Does age really bring with it all that knowledge and wisdom we’re told it does? However, lately I’ve been finding myself quite present and receptive of the aura around me. The people, the things, the place I’m at all bring out feelings in me that I experience very deeply. Moreover these feelings affect me profoundly these days and I find myself rejecting that which my spirit doesn’t feel like being around. Have you ever felt this way?

I’m tired of putting up with things that affect me negatively or those I presume will. I used to feel that way before but kept hoping things will change. However, now I act on those feelings. I refuse meetups with people I don’t enjoy, I avoid places that will dampen my spirit and I consume things that make me feel good. Not always, I confess but I try. The whole ‘if you need things to change, change them yourself’ is really dawning on me right now.

Hoping, praying and believing have been my core tenets since I was young. I have grown knowing that if I hoped enough, believed that much, my feelings would be change. I forgot that final aspect of planning and acting. Seems time has caught up with me and taught me that.

Do you do what you feel? There are some things I know we shouldn’t; those that harm yourself or others. Still, I think that’s a subject not fully explored and things that harm are specific and personal to us. Anyway, this story for another day.

Act on your feelings

We may go through experiences that cause us to feel angry, sad, happy, grateful or many more things. This can be subconsciously out of our beliefs, upbringing, past experiences and so on. Whatever the case, we need to act on them. Talk, shout, run, eat, sleep, cry, read, do it all. Our fear of speaking up and doing things as a result of what we feel, consequently suppressing them, hurts us more than help us.

So what is it your feeling now? Are you doing something about it?

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