Losing control

Photo by Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash

So yeah, I want some abs on me now. That’s my latest thing to do. Why? You ask. This is the one thing I can control; my body. I try anyway. I’ve done crunches and sit-ups only once during the past week. Still, the dream continues.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m losing control. Of my life, my job, my home(cause I don’t have one). We’re in another lockdown and the sports events I used to do aren’t happening anymore. I’m in a loop and my life’s a blur. My morale is at a lowdown and I clearly need to change something. As usual I started looking at beautiful clothes, hairstyles, online of course. It makes me feel better, which I learnt recently is escapism. That when you’re feeling angry, sad, bored instead of dealing with it, you hide away online or social media. Anyway, something to deal for another day.

Because of all these ups, downs and uncertainties, I greatly felt the need to control something. And if there’s one thing in my body I could do is abs, I also want to see if it’s possible for me to have them. It’s something that I really want, it needs discipline and depends on my dedication so I thought I might learn a few more things too. Therefore my journey started; I searched online for recommendations and exercises I could do. The first day, 4 days ago was very promising, since then I’ve been slacking. All these Easter foods are hard to pass up but I’ll continue today.

Are you in control?

There are lot of things in this world we can’t control. However we don’t fall in that list. We can choose the kind of friends we want to have, the lives we lead, places we go, how we talk and react. We can change our the things in our lives, we want to or feel we need to.

So, if you’re losing control like I am, change that one thing or two you want to and know you can. Take it back.

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