Sometimes, it’s you.

Photo by Ben Robbins on Unsplash

Do you think of yourself in negative terms sometimes? Do you ask yourself if what you did was really right? Is your first instinct always to blame others? Is your response to situations constantly pointing fingers? Well, news flash! Maybe it’s you.

You’re the one with narcissistic behaviors, the rude inconsiderate tool. Don’t give me all that, ‘she’s always cutting me off, he never appreciates’. If we looked inward and took responsibility more, for our thoughts, our speech and actions who knows how the world might have been. We don’t question ourselves enough times, ask ourselves ‘ can I really do better?’ Most of the times, it’s the other person. He hurt me, she betrayed me. He left me like they all do. She ruined an amazing thing. They’re the ones who can’t handle the pressure. It could be so, I’m not biased.

However, next time why don’t you ask yourself those questions. Am I really loyal? Did I do something to push him away? Am I scarred, insecure and hurting incapable of trusting? Is my way the only way? Can I also be boring, tiring and self-righteous? Did I manipulate him in any way?

The answer could be yes.

Sometimes, we’re at fault

Sometimes we’re the ones who did the wrong thing and it’s our fault.

We’re human I get that but that can’t be the excuse every time. ‘I’m human, not perfect, that’s just how I’m made’. ‘You need to understand, this is how tings turn out’. ‘ Get over it, be tough. This is the world right now’. I know what I’ve said, you know what you’ve done. We need to turn statements back to us, find out who we are, where we are lacking. We have to put ourselves on the spot, check if we’re bleeding all over other people.

At times, it’s me, sometimes it’s you and we need to apologize and work to be better.

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