Starting over

Doesn’t this picture make me look like a professional model? I hope so because I have recycled it so many times. Do you have that one picture of yourself that you love so much you keep using it over and over again? This is one of mine, I just love it. I’m not so sure it would get me the job though? So … , starting over, right?

I had a blog, a good one but I never pay the extra fees for backup. Whenever I see extra charges for something or another, I don’t take them because why? I’ll do it for myself, except I don’t do. If you can imagine, this is the 5th time I am starting my blog again. This time I will backup, I hope so crossing fingers anyway.

About my old same blogs, haha, let’s forget about them. I am starting over like I said. Do you know what’s good about that? Everything!! You get to do it all afresh, choose the things you like again and change the ones you don’t. It’s a lot of work for sure but starting over gives you a chance to see things in a fresh perspective. It’s exciting too if we let ourselves be immersed in the whole experience.

Look at me getting lost, again. What I was going to tell you about my old same blogs was that I am an inspirational writer. I know what you’re thinking, not another self-help thing. I got tired too, not of all that massive inspiration, no, but of how I was writing. So this space is for me to revolutionize my writing in a way, that’ll make you feel Yaaay! about inspiration. See that, I just made that rhyme; dare I say I am a poet too. I really am though, check out my instagram. Also, do come back and see what I have in store for you.

Do I hear a Yaay!!?

Thank you for spreading the love

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