Parenthood, Time

Children and us

I remember our lives as children, waking up early to go to school. I’d wish to grow up quickly and go to work and leave school life behind. We used to wake up at 5.00 am every morning to prepare ourselves. This was after sleeping at around 11.00 pm the previous day from the weight of endless homework. Every morning was like a battle. My mum had to come up with new way to get us out of bed. Watching adults go to work used to thrill me and I wanted to be an adult already.

Being one now and looking back, I miss my childhood days terribly. The disregard of dressing, the openness to everyone. The courage to take on anything, the belief than anything was possible. I remember waiting to go out to play with my friends. We’d boil potatoes with my friends in dirty metal cans, put large amounts of curry. Then we’d enjoy that meal as if we were dining at The Ritz. Clothing was not a concern, so long as you were covered, no one cared what you looked like. Disagreements would be solved in a jiffy. We would be back to laughing again like nothing ever happened in the first place. Anew day was really a new day, nothing was carried forward.

Adulthood can be a struggle

Adulthood is a struggle for us all. We are expected to hide our feelings or better yet, shut them down and pretend like everything is alright. We get angry and carry grudges for years in our hearts. Additionally, we build up bitterness that eats us up from the inside till we can’t take it anymore. Our belief in goodness has fallen so low and rarely do we take ourselves out of the comfort zone and risk it for our happiness. Everything becomes about us and money, well, you know how far we go to get this.

If we were like children…

Seeing my kids now and how free and open they are makes me think. That we would be so too if we chose to be like them even for some moments or days. Laugh at the strangest things like they do. Greet strangers on the road and share our lives regardless of race, religion or political stands as they do. Be fearless and risk it once in a while and believe that we’ll reach wherever we want to be. Forget the wrong done to us and forgive quickly, because in the end it is never that serious. Sing out loud even if the frogs could do it better than we do. Worry less about what we think people may be thinking about us. This is because in reality they actually aren’t.

It’s funny now in hindsight that I want to go being like I was back then. Parts of that time anyway. When I was a child I wanted so much to grow up and be an adult. If we were like children, we’d make the world a little better, don’t you think so?

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