I’ve never been to a funeral before and I think sometimes that makes me inexperienced a little in understanding the death of a loved one. Don’t get me wrong, I have lost people, my dad died when I was one, I have lost also an uncle and a friend but not really someone who was super close to me. We’ve all lost people close or not and it hurts and we feel our lives are over but we’ve not experienced death ourselves and the close we can come to that is through the pain of losing those we loved.

I always used to think that the opposite of life was death, that the absence of life is that death. I was wrong, death is part and parcel of life itself. The opposite of death is birth. We’re born and at some point, we die and all that is life.

When I was young, hearing about someone’s death was rare and filled with this dark and sad feeling that lingered for a long time. I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve grown up and we can hear a lot about people dying these days or just a lot of people are dying these days but that dark feeling about it seems reduced these days. It could be also growth and the reality of death itself as I get to learn about life. Either way, death seems like just another thing that happens. We lose people, we cry and then we go back to our lives. We remember them, yes, but the motion keeps on.

All this feeling we have about death, the negativity of it, I think makes people really afraid of it to the point of crippling their lives. I was afraid too of dying or just losing someone I really loved. However, I think we should embrace death, talk about it, teach it to our children and be receptive that it is part of us.

Knowing and being okay that there is an end, a rest to all we do on earth makes us more appreciative, more alive and propels us to do what we want to do.

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