Pictures in my life


What would life be without pictures? Whether we take them or not, we each have at least one of ourselves. They present memories of a time in our lives that has passed by. Remind us that life is fragile and at some point it will be over. They give us hope of the person we could be by looking back at what we once were, what we achieved. Due to the advancement in technology, it’s so much easier to do so lose the negatives if you want to. If you don’t know what those are, click the link to learn more.  

Personally, I’m an amateur photographer though I do know some angles. Nevertheless , I pride myself in taking as much pics as I can. Do you like taking pictures or having yourself photographed? I know people who detest that and I am not one of them; of course under ideal circumstances works best. So as best as circumstances can be,  below lies my work; mostly of my person and Kenyan food. Indulge!

Sitawa's Kitchen Food

What do you think of my work? Do I qualify for some award? Well maybe on the food ones, just maybe.

Most of these pictures were taken at a time when I was happy,  reflecting on my life or just feeling way too beautiful. So if you’re like me and wait for such moments I hope they bring joy to you whenever you look at them. Because it is through them that we really go back in time with our  eyes opened.