Good Pain

I remember writing a certain poem a while ago, break me out, shared below. It’s about pain.

Break Me Out

Margaret Sitawa

Break me out of myself
I’m drowning
My heart weighs a ton
And my mind won’t keep still
My eyes are pouring like the rain
Break me out of myself
I search within but I can’t find traces of me
My legs won’t move forward
And the little strength I had left is drained
My will to live escapes me

One of my old posts the good in bad came to my mind but I didn’t really internalize it then. Bad times seem super bad, like they’ll never end. Pain is pain and sometimes, a bright morning doesn’t seem possible. Visualizing happy times looks like it’s out of reach.

Last Sunday, I was going through the motions again. You know, when you think you’ve heard enough motivational sermons and you’re like ‘not this again’. I feel that a couple times, like I now know enough to be okay at all times. But the punches keep coming and you find yourself on the ground again wondering what you’re doing down there. Wondering why you feel it’s the end.

Well, last Sunday, I was reminded yet again that pain can be good and is certainly necessary at times. We’re so keen to fight it an shouldn’t be so and to pretend it isn’t there. I hate pain personally, I think most of us do. I always want to be happy always. But without those painful times we would not be so appreciative of the happy ones. Those joyful times wouldn’t be so blissful.

We should learn to embrace it. Accept whatever happened happened and allow ourselves to feel each and every part of it. Only then can we be in a position to move on from the pain peacefully without carrying remnants of it into our present, our future. It’s in its acceptance that we can draw lessons from it, learn ourselves better and choose to make self-conscious decisions later in our lives.

It’s easier said than done because in the moment we’re in deep in the hurt. But it does end, and moves away from us. What’s left it’s our choice into either let it transform us to wiser and hopeful people or bitter and resentful individuals. When that time comes I hope all you take from it is the good.

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