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How to get over your need to be liked.

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We interact with people almost every day in various ways. At our workplaces, while shopping and online too, our aim becomes leaving good impressions of us. This aim can grow into a need to be liked by whomever we meet. Sometimes, failure to achieve this, may leave as feeling downcast and unaccomplished. Additionally, it may grow and become part of us consequently shaping our personalities into needy, clingy, easily irritable, moody people.

I have learnt a few ways to conquer this need whenever it arises.

The need to be liked is normal

For starters, this need is normal. Remind yourself that you are going through something that is experienced by all of us at certain points. We all want to be liked. Let no one fool you otherwise. The regularity of it will assure you that it’s nothing new and calm you down at least.

Not everyone likes you

Truth be told, no matter how good you think you are, how right you try to brush with the people you meet, not everyone will like you. This is okay, it’s a truth of life. So you need to stop trying to impress everyone you meet because no matter what you do, your efforts won’t work on everyone. I’m sure there are a number of people you don’t like too, this also applies to everyone else.

Tie your worth on yourself

Base your worth on yourself and not whether people like you or not. Find that thing, that constant that makes you feel proud of yourself and build on it. This foundation gives you a standing no matter what is happening outside of you. Is it your creativity, your intelligence, your kindness, your vitality? Whatever it is, base your worth within you.

Life goes on as it were irrespective of being liked

Ask yourself this, if so and so did not like me, will I still continue living as I have? The answer is yes. You still talk to your family, enjoy your meals, take that hot shower and have fun with your friends. Whether you get liked or not, your daily living moves on and such is life. Remind yourself of this.

Have you overcome your need to be liked?

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