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It Doesn’t Matter The Time

Whether you learned how to walk at age 4 and your buddy started walking at 9 months old, the bottom line is you both are walking now. We all have our speeds and no one person is exactly like the other. Whatever we’re trying to learn or accomplish will be fulfilled at our own personal times. The fact is, whichever age you’ll have done it, it doesn’t matter the time.

If you grew up with strict parents, you must have learned to do chores at a pretty young age. My mum was super strict when we were kids and we learned discipline the hard way. By that, I mean, the way of the cane. Consequently, we started doing housework as soon as we could hold a broom in one hand. We cleaned the house, washed our school uniforms and were cooking for the whole family by age 8. In addition, my mum sent us upcountry to our aunts there to learn more work; tending to cows as they grazed, farming, fetching water from the river among others.

Everyone has their own time

By the time I joined high school, I knew how to undertake all house duties. I was surprised to learn that some of my new found friends had never cooked before, let alone wash their own clothes. One of them had actually never used public transportation before, seen a stove or used a latrine. All these things which were my usual routine, the normal life I lived and I wondered if she was ever going to learn or use these things later in life.

Since we were all boarding with no outside world contact for weeks, we had to deal with our own cleaning. So eventually, she learned how to wash her own clothes and all the duties we did in our respective dorms. All this taught her a lot about house cleaning. We also used to dig around the bushes that were surrounding our dormitories, so she ended up getting to know that too. As we finalized our high school education, she was as good as I was at cleaning.

We joined university soon after and we were presented with a little more freedom than we did previously in high school. We needed to cook for ourselves there. So, she learned how to prepare different dishes and cook all types of local foods. Just as I had learned as a child and now she as an adult, we both at the present knew the same things and it didn’t matter when we became skilled in that area. The main thing was that we both knew.

It doesn’t matter where you are now

So, do not be worried that you are not in the same place, doing the same thing or knowing a particular skill that someone else knows or does. In the same way do not look down upon those who are not in the level that you are or know less than you do in a specific field. As we say, there is a time for everything; there is also a time for everyone. We’re all different; embrace that and move in your own time. It doesn’t matter where you are now.

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