Just One

We all try to be friendly if not tolerable in order to attract many people to us. Friends and loved ones make our lives lively and pleasurable. They are there with us in our good times as well as bad. At times we don’t know what we would have done without them. Our lives are shared with them and in some cases they are the reason for what and how we go about doing some things. They influence us as we do them. They also remind us of how much essential and crucial human connection, communication and interaction is.

I didn’t have many friends

I didn’t have that many friends growing up. However, I always had that one friend. We’d hang together, tell stories and gossip about the other girls in the class. From kindergarten to my final year before high school, I had a best friend for each year. I changed schools three times in class five, so there was no way I would have maintained one best friend. When I when I joined high school, I was lost. No one from my previous school was there so I had to start from scratch. It was a while before I made my first long-time friend. I was sad that I didn’t have many friends and I would pray to God at night to give me as many friends as possible.

Eventually, I made numerous friends. However as much as we spent time together, I realized that I could not confide in each of them. I needed only that one friend who would be by my side no matter what. So I went back in prayer and asked God to give me that one friend who we’d be together till the end of times. That friend came to me in my third year of high school and we’re still friends till now. We’ve shared a lot of experiences together which include work, children, boys, campus and a lot more. I have about five close friends now who’ve been with me for years. It doesn’t seem a lot but my relationship with them has made me appreciate the significance of having that one person in your life who you can depend on, whether friend or family.

That one friend is enough

That one person is enough. For the ones of us who are fortunate to have more than one, it’s a blessing but we ought not to be worried about the figure, instead, we should work towards becoming that one friend to our allies. The one who is dependable and trustworthy to the ones who know are with us and for us in truth. Everyone needs just one, just that one true friend. We spend so much time trying to make friends with a  large number of people when in reality it’s that just those few who matter and in dire circumstances, just one. We only need just one.

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