Knowledge and Foolishness

These two words form the basis of who we are, what we do, how we speak and why we are as we are. Knowledge is defined as the awareness of a particular fact or situation; a state of having been informed or made aware of something. On the other hand foolishness is the state of lacking good sense or judgement. Knowledge forms our language, beliefs and lifestyle. We can only think, speak and act about what we know, nothing more, nothing less. Our knowledge is what makes us wise. Consequently, the lack of it, which is ignorance, makes us foolish. As much as we think we know or actually do know, we can never be in a position to know everything. Thinking that we have nothing else to learn results to foolishness too.

We start learning from birth

From birth, we are imbued with all the knowledge we can amass. This varies depending on who or form where we gather this information. We learn how to walk, speak, feed, and work in order to make our lives better. This is done in the effort to be dependent on ourselves. To improve the environment we live in, create new ways to improve our lives and help others make progress in their lives. Consequently what we learn and study becomes what we think about and our lifestyle and beliefs formed from that. Afterwards, we are able to teach ourselves thereby forming our own beliefs and choosing what we want to know. At this point, it is our own responsibility to form our own lifestyles. However, this can only be done in line with the information we’ve been gathering.

Our knowledge is what we read, watch and hear

I used to frown upon the teachers in school who used to tell us that education never ends. I didn’t understand it then because I wanted to be done with school as quickly as possible. However, education does not necessarily come by way of a learning institution. The materials we read, watch and hear. People we come across, places we visit and circumstances in our lives imparts in us this knowledge. I am a lover of knowledge now. Still back then after high school, I thought life had taught me all I needed to know. I was gravely mistaken and soon to learn that I was wrong. Without getting into detail, the past couple of years have taught me that we are all in need of knowledge. Regardless of who we are or what point in our lives we are in we need to learn.

Learn as much as you can

The notion that makes us think that we know everything or there’s nothing else to learn is the road that leads to absolute foolishness. We can never know enough. The search for knowledge or the openness to it, revives us and gives our lives meaning through pursuit. It helps us question what we believe in. Learn about the beliefs of others. Appreciate various cultures across the globe and further our thinking. Failure to do this stagnates us and deteriorates our thinking. Nevertheless what we know can bring about this deterioration but that is a lesson for another day. So for now, learn as much as you can every single day. In the end it forms who you are.

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