My day in pink

My day in pink is courtesy of Ljos Studio Kenya.

PM, a friend of mine,  sent me their link for a free photoshoot. I applied and had the privilege of a powerful camera lens on me. It was a chilly Saturday in June 2019 and I was from RK’s the day before. This was a key point in my modelling journey. 

Before my pink dress experience, I started this journey at Surazuri Agency. I had always wanted to model and I thought an agency was the first place to start. So I scoured the internet looking for a home for my dream and that’s where I landed. I sent them an email, got called for an interview, went and got selected. Here is a sneak peek of my headshot.

How this part of my life unfolds, I have no idea. However I always pictured myself doing an advertisement, dancing professionally and acting. I am yet to pursue this facets of myself, that is if I ever will but I wanted to note them down, put them out into the universe and let them unfold as they will. 

Still, if you are looking for a Kenyan commercial model, 31-25-37; are my body measurements. Hit me up, we will discuss the particulars with my agent and I can tick some boxes off my chart. 

Have yourself a fruitful day.