My Brown Ankle Boots

The feeling you get when you wear a new dress or a watch that you’ve coveted for months is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Being able to have something that you have wanted for a long time fills you up with satisfaction and feelings of happiness and accomplishment. I am a boots girl myself, flat dark ankle boots to be specific. I love the feeling I get whenever I put them on. the way they look stylish yet simple, The way your whole feet are covered and warm inside, the way they go well with almost anything and the way they blend with any kind of weather.

With a golden buckle on the side, a strong sole and a dark brown finish, my boots make me feel home. Pairing them up with a white vest, black jeans with my brown slang bag, I feel ecstatic each time I put them on. I feel confident with each step I take and I have to resist an urge to keep looking at the shoes every now and then. I took the long routes sometimes and whenever I passed a reflective window, I always look at my reflection and smile. They give me fantastic days.

Every new day, we wake up ready to take the day and we arm ourselves with tools that will be of assistance to us in our daily endeavors. The tools that we select should be the right tools, the best tools, the kind of tools that will motivate us highly to tackle the impossible. Part of these tools is the attire we choose to put on. Whether it’s the green scarf you love, the golden bracelet that cost a fortune or the white shirt that reminds you of a day that was wonderful to you, these all contribute to the kind and level of achievements you’ll attain that day. You know how good you feel when you put on something that you love, that makes you feel amazing and you can do anything. You smile more and you do more. Nothing keeps you down for long on those days because with you is something that lifts up your spirits. Whatever assignment you are handed that day is done with zeal and you find that you are finishing work at a faster and peaceful pace. Let’s not forget the compliments you get that light up your day and make you glad.

My brown ankle boots give me that feeling. The feeling that even the things I thought I couldn’t do can be done that day, the feeling of abundant joy and peace, the courage to step in any establishment and claim what’s mine and the drive to walk in confidence of myself. You know exactly what it is you need to do and you aim your focus on it. Give yourself that treat and arm yourself with the right tools every day and soon you’ll have built the life you want to live. Wear them with pride every day.

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