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New one, old one. Same one.

Exceptional trip

I take my kids for walks every once in a while. I want them to have new experiences, see old neighborhoods and spend time with me. Almost every time,I have to arm myself with candies and sweets. Keep that sugar level above the level and I mean mine, it’s really on the low down. So I’ve been thinking it’s time to expand their horizons this year.Surprise them with one extreme trip that will blow their minds.

Dance professionally

I love dancing. You’ll find me at home moving to the rhythm like I’m being programmed. Vigorous and fast are my moves but I’m learning new ones. My 27 year-old brain seems to be moving so fast, my body won’t keep up. Every now and then I take breaks and continue the movements virtually. I can tell you, in there I am phenomenal.

Clear debt

I’m in debt, tell me someone who isn’t. That’s the new advice these days, isn’t the whole country in debt? I still buy things I need, sometimes what I want and binge on myself sometimes. Money comes and goes, it always finds it’s purpose even when there’s currently none at the moment. I always wish I would do away with all of my debt.

Mr. C and old Mr. X

Mr. C is kind, caring and manages to make me laugh a number of times. He’s got fresh energy; always ready for life and looking for new experiences. He’s aware of the love around him and knows he’s not alone. Mr. X is appreciative, generous and loves travelling. He has grand dreams and manages to always look clean. I like new Mr.C but I find he’s same old Mr. X.

It’s me, to turn that new one into old.

My kids’ exceptional trip, making dance as one of my professions and clearing my debts are my new goals. They soon could turn into old goals and stay the same ones. It’s my responsibility to turn all my dreams into reality; to see them in my mind and bring them into fruition. All the change we seek happens through our action. We have the ability to take charge and change what we see fit. It’s my job to make the right choices for myself with or without Mr X. or Mr. C. It’s me, it’s you to make that new one into an old accomplishment or it’ll keep on being the same one.

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