Let me to inspire, challenge and show you the different ways I tackle life issues.

You’re here because you’ve chosen to be. So I’ll let you in on my secret; I’m still figuring life out.

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What I do

What are the three things you love doing the most, the ones you think you’re best in? These are mine.

I Listen.

Listening does not seem like an action per se, but as I grow older I have realized that it is an active process. It requires you being there not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. I love listening to myself, other people and my environment. Do you take the time to listen to yourself? What are you hearing?

I Poet.

I write poetry too.

And even if you don’t do

No worries.

Stay awhile

Let me make you


I Write.

This is one thing I know almost none of us can do without. I hear you, you’re saying you don’t need to write. Buuut, the texts, emails, posters, essays, reports, memos, dare I go on. We all write, it all just depends on what. Personally, creative, inspirational and promotional are my niche. What is the latest thing you wrote?

My Story

I don’t know about you but I don’t like long speeches. So I’ll try to make this as bearable as possible for you.

My birthplace is Kenya, I’ve lived there all my life, actually I’m yet to step outside my country. I love being Kenyan, I think we’re a unique group of people but I’m sure we all, if not almost all feel the same way about where we are from. Anyway enough about my African heritage and more about me.

I identify as a woman, seems like something that should be made clear in this century and also as African, pure breed so my friend RK keeps reminding me. I’m intuitive, quiet and a smart worker, bear with me if I get too comfortable with the descriptive words.

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