You left us

Margaret Sitawa

You left us to you and me
And the two of us became
One of you


Margaret Sitawa

I’m a damaged soul
With frayed edges
A deep shimmering purple
A bright shining light
I burn in me

Effects of a lost love

Margaret Sitawa

I embraced my pain
And it cut into me
Like broken pieces of glass
I couldn’t bleed and
My tears didn’t run
I was numb, the
effects of a lost love

Cursed yet cured

Margaret Sitawa

I’m cursed yet cured
Afflicted by an ailment I don’t understand
Nursing a sickness that’s already gone

I’m whole yet incomplete
Unable to find my missing piece
Searching for myself within me

I’m blessed

Margaret Sitawa

I’m blessed with the feeling of loss
Having loved deeply, touched fully, given truly

I’ve been blessed with love
I was blessed with you

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