Right when the letters form an extraordinary word. And the words turn into a poem

Right when the poem creates an exceptional chorus. And the chorus builds up a song.

Right then I can feel your music

Just right then.

margaret sitawa

Be mine and stay here for a while.Let’s make that ’till the end of time’

Lead me and I’ll follow you with glee. I feel me and you, could truly be.

I laugh but you are exactly the kind of man who makes me see bright rays of sun.

So. Chase. Me. Pursue. Me.

margaret sitawa

And I felt love in all the ways, I was loved through every inch

From my hair to my toenails, with my wins and my mistakes

With you

margaret sitawa

Of the good things in this world and the beautiful moments in my life

Of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve known

It’s God, It’s Love, It’s Faith

margaret sitawa

I can’t explain it, can’t relate

I can’t forget it, can’t equate


margaret sitawa

When minds move mountains and hearts bleed love

When eyes see into the future and tongues heal wounds

This is You

This is God

margaret sitawa

…and I thought pink or blue

I wept tears and truth

But through denial and ache

Came life with Joy

… and I’m blessed,

Amazed in love

margaret sitawa

Your touch is my drug. Your love my rock

Your kiss is my drive. Your embrace my home

Margaret Sitawa

You are a dream come true

An answered prayer

You are a bright shining light

Like no other

You are more than you imagine

A fulfilled wish

You are love experienced

A life being lived

Margaret Sitawa

When time met distance

When logic met emotion

When reason met feeling

When I met you

When love flowed through


I looked up at you

And saw love walk

Next to me, past me, through me

And leave its effects

All over me


I trace your signature

on my soul

The markings of your art

The drawings of your soul

The writing of your heart