Out of joy came happiness, out of pain sadness

Out of peace came calmness, out of anger violence

From what surrounds us to our state

From what molds us to our being

margaret sitawa

I am a friend to my body, the direction to my thoughts

I soothe my heart when in pain, and pat my back when I win

Everything I look for in you

I search in me first

margaret sitawa

A man’s power

Is in his voice, and his thoughts and actions

Is in his choice, of his thoughts and actions

What do you choose today?

margaret sitawa

Allow yourself to imagine that which you desire

Swim in your dreams

Set sail in your mind

If only for a moment, attain the impossible

The journey starts there

margaret sitawa

A seed of doubt

A grain of hope

The downward spiral

The uphill battle

All start with that one step

margaret sitawa

Fill the world with your uniqueness

Stop robbing the world of your unlikeness

mARGaret sitawa

Doing things I’ve never done

Speaking words I wanted said

Going places I’d dreamt of being

Writing songs I needed shared

I made my mark like I never had

I gave my love like I always meant


It begins with an end and finishes with a start

Like a cycle, the jar goes back to be filled at the river

Like a lesson, eyes open wide to the love abundant inside us


It’s not about a person.

It’s his thinking, the fortress behind him.

It’s his belief, the force that drives him.


Seek to learn more, know more.

Knowledge soothes, educates, liberates


There’s only one kind of person in this world

And that person is …


margaret sitawa

For I’m a new creature

Every new day

And a new being

With each sunrise

Say goodbye to learned experiences

And hello to infinite possibilities

margaret sitawa

As your mind flows into the pool of your dreams

May your body transform those dreams in to reality

margaret sitawa

A new day, A clean slate

Another chance

A new day, a new book

An empty canvas

Make your mark

Write your words

Draw your painting

Your life awaits you

margaret sitawa

Stamp your mark on this earth

Show your face

Shine your light

You are brightness unmatched

You are beauty undiscovered

You are boldness indescribable

margaret sitawa