I found a place
Outside of me
I can call home

A place in you
A place that's you.

And I hope You find a home
In me too

I do not walk alone
Someone held my hand
Another lifted me up
The other wiped my tears

I have not been alone
I am filled with the love
Of the people in my life

And I am grateful

A little after 6
Just a little after dark

I need a little
More of you.
Just a little time with you.

A little after 6
Just a little after dawn

I think I am
In love with you.
Give me a little more of you.

There are no walls
in this universe.
We build them ourselves

No time on this earth
We're free and unbound

I open my eyes to the love around me
Keep close my ears,
To the truth about me.
Holding on
To the things, I can't touch.
They're priceless. Immeasurable.

I turned around
At the corner
Of my saddened life

On that dark night
When I thought
I was at the end of the road

But I heard your voice
Then I saw your faith

And it was light again
You are worth the wait

I've not once been this free
Felt completely accepted
From my scarred head
to my bruised feet

Spoken with myself
in the presence of another
Exposed my pain
Unwashed and messy

But with you.

Just you.

May you never doubt you are Loved
In the darkness of your fears
Never forget that you're blessed
Under the mountains of your troubles.

I love you
And you're a blessing
To me

Your arms, around me

Hugging my life
Pouring your time

Your thoughts, about me

Loving what's mine
Keeping me high

You, with me

There's nothing like this

I could stay
In love with you

Stuck in this moment
High one this feeling

But they tell you to
Never say

Live in the moment
Let go of feeling

Overflowing, like the source, we're from
I am here, I am now
Present in my moments
Nothing remains
And nothing will come

I take each second
And each minute is my life

I speak in silence
I walk in shadows
I see through mirrors

I'm my home of acceptance

Your love gives me courage
Your love gives me strength

In chaos and silence
You're light in my way

I'm in a journey of my dreams

My home is a heaven
My mind is a haven
I walk with the wind
Flying in the sky

I can feel my every heartbeat
Show each of my colors

The world is bright

And life is full
Complete in its emptiness
Perfect in its deficiency