It was more than reading between the lines

I was underneath the sentences, close by the letters

I was all through the pages, amidst the words

And I still chose bliss

margaret sitawa

Sat on that edge and called on

To that which went away and lines that fade away

To words that have no say and cheques that cannot pay

Stuck at that age and held on

margaret sitawa

We followed lust and I took that love

Planted some hurt that grew into hate

And I learnt that us, is more me than you

margaret sitawa

She asked

“How can I love you for who you are, if you don’t show it to me first?”

He said

“I can’t show you who I am, when you don’t love who you are.”

margaret sitawa

If you drew my soul

On a piece of paper, with a brush

Would you capture my crevices, would you paint all my corners

Can you picture my perfectness, can you colour all my auras

margaret sitawa

You and I

We crossed that line too far, we cant’s go back

And all the chances we had, are squandered now

Our path’s now blurred now

I can’t see clear

margaret sitawa

You’ve shown me

A new brand of sadness


Absent fathers, Bitter mothers

Unloved children, A hurting nation

The cycle of pain


I am no one, I am nothing

I am free air slowly passing by

I am specks of dust quickly blown away


I got all this frustration from expectations

Seeking relaxation from onetime encounters

Real life momentum

Heal me


Feels like these

Feels like needles and pricks in my mouth

Feels like this

Feels like wrong turns and blocks on my path


You left us to you and me

And the two of us became

One of you


I’m a damaged soul

With frayed edges

A deep shimmering purple

A bright shining light

I burn in me


I embraced my pain

And it cut into me

Like broken pieces of glass

I couldn’t bleed and

My tears didn’t run

I was numb, the

effects of a lost love


I’m cursed yet cured

Afflicted by an ailment I don’t understand

Nursing a sickness that’s already gone

I’m whole yet incomplete

Unable to find my missing piece

Searching for myself within me


I’m blessed with the feeling of loss

Having loved deeply, touched fully, given truly

I’ve been blessed with love

I was blessed with you