The roads in my town

Never go to sleep.

I can hear their sounds

Late in the night and 

their lights blazing

in the dark.


They’re always chasing,

Speeding to the next stop

Searching for the next





I’m in the sad zone, 

they say

Where words don’t 

rhyme and music dies. 


The mad zone, I’m told

Where all’s off tune

And life’s in ruin.


And a heaviness untold

devours the land



My true colors, dark. 




I find ways to lose myself

in you.

So I can escape

Even for a little bit. 


To see myself through 

your eyes

I need the view from the other side.


So I rest

From my constant 




the seed I planted
grew and withered


I put my heart into it.

Had my hands digging

myself kneeling.

But the seed I planted, 

grew and withered.


And I learnt that 


The work of my hands

can be a sore in my mind




Cause of you

I douse my truth

Hide myself and 

Cover my heart.

Afraid you’ll see me

And know my thoughts.


And find the strangeness

That lies therein.




Wounds stay open

Few of them, sometimes.

And scars don’t fade

Most of them, anyway. 


And I keep bleeding

I remain bruised.


But my life refuses to 

run out

My skin, regenerates. 

And I start again at 

every stop. 





It’s not hate

that I run away from.

Or sadness that I

shudder to think about.

It’s not cruelty or envy 

or anger.

All these I know.


It’s kindness that I check

out twice,

Generosity that I doubt.

It’s forgiveness that 

puzzles me,

Contentment that I 

don’t understand.





Break me out of myself.


I’m drowning

My mind won’t keep still

And my heart weights a 



And my eyes are pouring

like the rain. 


Break me out of myself.


I’m losing it

My strength is drained

And my legs won’t move



And my will to live 

escapes me.