Is two people

To know each other
See each other
And love each other

In that moment
Which is only, what exists

It is clear
That the Lord made your hands

Because your Touch

Is Divine

There's a way
You've become a part of me

That I don't know
How to be

Without You.

I'm perfectly in sync
With your imperfection

A seeker of your space

A lover of your spirit

May my sight excite your eyes

And my words calm your ears

May my touch heal your skin

And my scent soother your nose

May I be pleasing to you

My yearning for you
Cannot be satiated

For I cannot have
Enough of you

There's a way, you'll always win

The way you put your hands on me
A way you work to be

There's a way you're always on top

It's the way you touch me

I respond to your touch

And I obey your tongue

When you come to me

I will let you in

Your body
Is a Wonder Land

You have the beauty of gods

You are the image of God

You show me something else
Something new

Every time you touch me

You take me to a place
I didn't know existed

And the flames display
A unique shade
At every light

When you color my body

With the moment of your rhythm

That night

You found your way, deep into my crevices
And I bore myself out
You took me in, and soothed my brokenness
Until I cried no more
You held me tight and nursed my sickness
And filled me with love

That night

Was the end of allm y fears
The dawn of a new start

Sweet somethings

Close to morning

Say nothing

Just enjoy this

Something sweet
For me and you

On my knees
Just say it too