He knows how to


my body

How to move inside


make me weak.

But that’s only how far

he goes

He does not connect

with my soul

He knows not my

spirit’s desires

How can I teach

someone to soothe me

in places he cannot


How can I show him

the things I can only

feel in my heart?

So I cannot let him

inside me, into this

flesh and bones

Because his touch drips

past them

and squeezes the life

out of me



don’t you want me

to kneel

for you

and lick you slowly

from the tip

like I do

don’t you want me

on your skin

going down

cause I know the

rhythm you love

I play it too


their souls touched into

a timeless realm, and

she  knew this was it



that night

was something else

something I can’t


He found his way

deep into my crevices

And I bore myself out

He took me in and

soothed my brokenness

Until I cried no more

He held me tight and

nursed my sickness

and filled me with love

That night

Was a new start

the end of all my

doubts and fears


I asked God once

why He made me a


Instead of a man

But then I had an


and thanked God

I was a woman

And not a man


If you were here

with me now

you’d see me tremble

cause I long for you

in ways I can only



something sweet

for Me and you

on my knees

Just say it too


I don’t need you to tell me

how much you want it

I see it, I feel it

And it’s something else

I can’t describe


There was a time

I took my clothes off

for you

A time

I lay in cold with you

And now

Can’t seem to bring up

that view


there’s a way he’ll

always win, over you

the way he puts his

hands on me

A way you he works

to be

there’s a way, he’s

always on top

it’s the way

he touches me


#justenjoythis #DeMan

Sweet somethings

close to morning

say nothing

just enjoy this


does he know my body

better than I do?

cause there’s a place

he touches,

I just can’t go back


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