Cause none of us
Wants to confess That the pressure gets to us

None of us Likes to accept
That the path becomes unbearable

Cause none of us
That we die sometimes inside

None of us

Until one of us does.

The roads in my town
Never go to sleep
I can hear their sounds
Late into the night
And their lights
Blazing in the dark.

They're always chasing
Speeding to the next stop
Searching for the next thing

It's not hate, I run away from
Or sadness that I shudder to think about
It's not cruelty or envy or anger

All these I know

It's kindness that I check out twice
Generosity, that I doubt
It's forgiveness that puzzles
Contentment, that I don't understand

I closed my eyes and
Covered my ears

I chose faith
To stand on, walk with and live by

I opened my mind
and exposed my heart

I still believe.
Certain on things I'm yet to see.

That there's always another ahead
A task to complete
A problem to solve
A mountain to climb

Is the reason
We keep hope alive
And step inside a new day

That we'll conquer these battles
Whether we know it or not

Allow yourself to imagine
That which you desire

Swim in your dreams
Set sail in your mind

If only for a moment
Attain the impossible

The journey begins there

Once it's burned out, it is done

Once it's passed by, let it go

There are things that are only

To keep. To experience. To relive.

To store deep inside my heart
To replay as I desire, in my mind

There are things I won't share with You

For these things
This joy, this pain

Belong only to Me

Just because it steams
Doesn't mean it burns

Just because it glows
Doesn't mean it lights

When you jump into the water,
Trust it.
Let go.
Learn to be still and not fight it.

For it will always carry you.

But you must first believe.

The little change you make,
In yourself, your life, your interactions

The tiny one you think makes no difference
Trickles steadily into the world
Touches a heart
Moves a mind

And slowly...
Changes the world

Stories never end
Nor get washed away by the hands of time

They dwell in our minds
And thrive in our hearts

Breathing out the life in them
Whenever we choose to experience them again

the leaf withers
the ground drys
the sky darkens
the heart breaks
and life disappoints

again and again and again

the flower blooms
the grass greens
the rainbow shines
the mind grows
and life thrives

again and again and again

It is loss,
It is grief
To know that you will never acquire
That, which you desire

It is peace
It is calm
To have no desire
For that, you wish to acquire