See it, Be it

It’s scary sometimes to imagine that all we dream of, what we hope to accomplish will be realized. All our hopes and dreams as meticulously and hugely built in our brains, that at one time will become reality. Every little thing we envision we’ll one day be able to see it, touch it and feel it. It is a frightens and sometimes overwhelms.

At one time, in the beginning, rather, all we have is ourselves. We are born naked, with nothing. We are clothed, fed, housed and kept warm. Consequently, we grow and develop in body, mind as well as spirit. We encounter everything for the first time, the second and soon it becomes a regular process. Our exposure and opportunity shape our longing, our want of the kind of life we want to lead, what we hope to acquire and everything else we want to conquer, invent, improve or do.

Through our interactions with other people, other cultures, and new surroundings, we get to learn more about ourselves and our fellow human beings. The circumstances and situations we go through help us shape our desires and the process of fulfilling them begins. We look up to those we aspire to be like or more. Pity or despise those we don’t want to be like and encourage the ones who walk the same journey as we do.

We discover that things we imagined were not exactly like we thought them to be. Consequently we’re either discouraged to pursue or we decide to push ourselves forward to find solutions to those problems. We see some people surpass our expectations and more and some fall to the wayside and we hope to be the former, but everything we aspire has a starting point. This point is in our minds.

See it

All we have, all we are has to first be seen in our minds. Prior to any action undertaken, a virtual image of the end product has already been formed. See hard enough and believe it to be true. It will be. Nothing we imagine to do will be restrained from us.

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