The Birth of Two

Seven a.m

It was 7:00 am when the pains started. She looked at her 2 year old daughter and wondered how the day would end. There was still a lot to do and she couldn’t let anyone know. She did text her significant other and let him know asking for some money which he wasn’t able to help with at that moment.

The rest of the morning was filled with chores and she felt she needed to let her two sisters know but she didn’t. Soon they both left and she was alone with her child. She had to go buy supper which she did painfully as most of her day had been spent in between pains.

Five p.m

After the walk downstairs, she came back and found out her water had broken and this too did not deter her. I was around 5.00 pm when she began preparing supper, a thick stew of peas, meat and potatoes with rice as the accompaniment. At around 7.00 pm the pain intensified and she had to go lie down on the bed. It was around 9.00 pm when she could bare it no longer. She told her oldest sister that she needed to go and deliver in the area’s public hospital nearby.

No sooner had those words come out her mouth than she started moaning loudly and her sister begged her not to deliver there as they would not know what to do. She slowly walked down the stairs, her black trouser stained in blood and waited for her younger sister who had no idea she was pregnant to arrive with her diaper bag that had only a few baby clothes in it. She started walking up the road and climbed the first motor bike she saw. The driver took her to the hospital and to her dismay it was closed. They checked another which was also closed.

Nine p.m

They then made their way to a clinic and inside she took off her clothes. The attendant told her there was no way she could deliver there as they were not equipped with the right tools to prevent excess bleeding. By now she was in deep pain and she wanted to cry, wail even but her eyes were dry. The driver took her back home and she was now ready to go to the district hospital using the same motorbike, a distance of 30 minutes.

She found her mom waiting outside the gate and her sister handed her the diaper bag. Her mum told her she was ashamed of her and she was not to go to the district hospital. Her mum stopped a passing car and begged the driver to take them to her pre-natal hospital. She could now feel her child pressing on her, wanting to come out.

Ten p.m

On the ride to the hospital, her mum was praying all the while telling her she had shamed her family and all she could do was pray too asking God not to deliver in the car. Blood was everywhere and as soon as they reached the hospital she went straight in leaving her mother speaking to the kind good Samaritan driver.

As she walked in and said ‘delivery’, the midwives did not believe her. She lifted her sweater and that’s when they took her to the delivery room. She took off her trouser quickly and lay on the bed where they checked her and got ready to receive this new life in her. The pain stopped for two minutes and she asked the attendants whether she should stop pushing too and they told her to stop. She lay there quietly waiting for the next pain and when it came she pushed with all her might and out he came crying as loud as ever.

The birth of two

A new life began again, the birth of two.

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