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The Real Battles of Life

“We were very poor; sometimes we would sleep hungry for two nights consecutively. I wore my first shoes when I turned 20, they were a birthday present”. The now dollar billionaire, owner of the largest oil company in the world said. “The roof in our house used to have holes all around. My mum devised a game in which whoever dried the house quickly after the rains stopped received an extra slice of bread. Otherwise, we’d all squeeze at the corner bed where the least amount of rain dripped,” she said. She had been elected the first woman president of her country and was giving a speech at her old college.

Success stories, we’ve heard them. Victors emerging from the poorest parts of the earth. Great influences, powerful men and women making it big despite their limitations in life. We think they really are strong people having overcome their ‘humble beginnings’. Now they’re able to afford whatever they want or let’s say a lot of things. We get hope or inspired that we also can do the same. If they did and they’re made from the same flesh and bones that we are, we can also prosper. Not only poverty but also illiteracy, lacking some certain educational qualifications or general knowledge. In addition, restriction from those around us and personal afflictions are various reasons people have to overcome. This is in order to achieve their dreams.

The battle is within

However, the real battles are within. Ones that are always with us wherever we are. The ones that bring us down even before we’ve begun. The ones we fight through ourselves only because no one else can do that for us. Persevering even though we see not yet the light at the end of the tunnel. Believing in ourselves even when everyone around us chooses not to. Learning to open up our heart to our fellow human beings. Choosing to let go despite the fact that we put all our lives in it are a number of these struggles. These are what those who succeeded had to overcome first. Success here being the general word I’ll use to mean accomplishing your goals. We all define it differently.

Life is about our battles

Whatever your battle may be. Whether it’s accepting yourself as you are or mastering that self-discipline. Whether it’s anger management like you want, overcoming them is what life is about. In all we undertake in, the state in which we are inside manifests itself. Ultimately how and what we speak about or do comes from the knowledge and condition our hearts and minds are. So take pride in conquering those conflicts inside you that affect you on daily basis. Remind yourself that overpowering them will eventually lead to your full potential. You will end up at a place where you’ll be at peace with yourself. A better and progressive self, be in tune with yourself. In the long run have a wonderful relationship with yourself for these are the real battles of life.

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