The truth about moving on

Almost all of us will take our minds to relationships, specifically romantic ones. We normally use moving on in that context, truth be told. After sometime has passed after the breakup, we’ll ask ourselves or be asked if we’ve moved on. However, moving on involves our lives everyday. Anything that happens to us and causes us to feel stuck requires us to move from it. Loss of a loved one, betrayal by family, completing a project, you can finish the list for yourselves. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be something bad,we need to move on from good things to sometimes.

Moving on is accepting

Moving on is admitting that it happened. It is accepting that we made mistakes, that we really had a great time, that they really did leave. This is something we should do consciously. Speak it out, say it out loud, say it to yourself, tell someone, confess. It may seem simple but the truth it’s a hard thing to do.

Moving on is healing

It is actively working to be at peace with whatever happened. Peace is described as freedom from disturbance. We walk away from the state of mind we were in at the moment of disorder. We decide to reconcile to the joy and pain, we may never forget but it’s effect on us withers away.

Moving on is trusting

It is choosing to allow ourselves back in the world. We get protective of our hearts and our minds tell us to refrain from encounters. Fear guides us. We forget. That life is to be lived and not a journey. However, if we are to move on, we are to take risks. Faith is applying for a new job, stepping out again, going for that first date, starting that unfamiliar venture. We may still be fired, heart broken and close that business. Nevertheless, the step we take to start again is moving on.

The truth

I don’t really know if we can completely move on. Experiences shape us and may condition us to think and behave in a certain way. We form prejudices that guide our lives and guard our hearts. Truth is scars will always be there but nothing stops.

Trust yourself, follow your intuition and make your plans. It is about ourselves, knowing we can not go back and living includes loss. It is about realizing moving on is within, an active process inside us that marks the possibility of fresh encounters.

Have you moved on?

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