There is no better tomorrow.

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I know you are waiting for me to tell you I am bluffing, but I am not. There is no better tomorrow. The world is crying and hurting right now, still doing ridiculous TikTok challenges, and people are getting richer. That is just how it is. Meanwhile, I am trying to make $120; make rent this month.

I have always read the advice on positivity adherence and given it too.

And I assure you, I do not deny the negative side of life. It is real. I try to put out work that is encouraging and inspirational. That is the first thing that will hit you when you go to my blog. A motivational blog to bring you motivation for life; that is the header. And I have packed on the keywords on that for SEO.

But sometimes there is no motivation, admit it. It gets to zero for everything. We have all been there and thought about ourselves dying. It is the truth. And I am also not a there is nothing-good-in-this-life advocate. There is plenty awesomeness stuff going around if we open our eyes to it and sometimes when we close our eyes.

I have been trying to get an article out of me, a good one, for a few days now, but nothing comes out. I have no solutions, no takebacks, and I thought that meant nothing. But my nothing is still something.

I have concluded that there is no better tomorrow.

We do not know.

We cannot see the future. There is just now, right here us where we are in whatever state. And I think we have forgotten that.

You can tell by all the rosy stories with beautiful endings packed full these days in our vlogs, blogs, news. Tales on suffering, after a bit of struggle and input, now there is only goodness. I do not dispute that. It does happen.

But I want a space where we stay in the present, cry, and do not wipe our tears after that. A place we scream, and not into a pillow. Blame and not turn it back to ourselves. Be human in our unpleasantness without saying it was all for a plan, a way will come, or it was for the best. To wallow, regret, and accept that shame and guilt without the premise of a better future.

To be nowhere and forget all about the silver lining that comes after that.

Sometimes there is no solution, and maybe our efforts to find it push it away. It is not beautiful but ugly and angry, and nothing can make it better now. Sometimes it is dangerous and deadly, and that is all it is.

I want to stay now and provide a space for that. I have that. That is what I am sure of, and not tomorrow.

There is no better tomorrow, but we have Here and Now.

You are not alone feeling like it is a never-ending struggle or waiting eagerly for the thing that will pull you out. Be here be now because;

  • You are missing out on a lot of what is going on, thinking about this better tomorrow. If your presence is focused elsewhere, then everything happening currently to you was like it never happened and just passed you by, and you missed out on an experience worthwhile to you.
  • You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t. You might guess, and it may come true, but that doesn’t mean you predicted it. This better tomorrow you look forward to may never happen, and it does not in the way or time you think it will.
  • It never stops. Often the reality of the dream doesn’t compare to the dream itself. After that first rush of fulfillment, you’ll be back to looking for a better tomorrow. You don’t see anyone stopping. People who believe have successful lives are still chasing it.
  • Better may turn to worse. If all you put your mind to is a better next day and it doesn’t happen, guess what it turns to a bad day and then a worse day. Enjoy your now and accept the possibilities that may come in your new day. Because as much as we say days are alike, there is not one day exactly like another one.

Be here, be now. Laugh if you feel like it, cry if you want to, and do those other things that you honestly really want to do.

In my emptiness came this story. In your anger, there’s something there too. Don’t dismiss your current status. There is something in it. Something is happening now to you, even that nothing. There’s today.

Forget about the better tomorrow and be here, now.

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