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To each his own or her own

I have a few friends, each of them with their own uniqueness and purpose in my life. We all at some point in our lives lose some of our buddies. We are either too preoccupied to meet up, move to the other side of the globe, end the friendship altogether or become deeply engrossed in family life. Generally, life takes over and we are not able to spend time with them like we did before. I love friendships; sharing your life with someone makes it more remarkable.

One of my close friends vibrates at almost the same frequency that I do. We love doing almost all the same things and in the same way at the same time. Whenever we meet, it’s like an electric charge between us. We find out we’ve been rifling through the same things while we were away, still trying to figure out what we want out of life. Something’s always lit and we utilize the present to the maximum. That’s who we are, whatever she suggests, I was probably thinking it too. We’re in many ways similar and spending time with her is a blast.
However, my principles are not necessarily hers and we don’t agree on everything. My life moves at a slower speed than hers and sometimes she can be a bit much to handle. She is one of the lavish tastes and I am a modest spender, more than she is anyway. Sometimes she speaks of brands I’ve never heard of whilst I roll my eyes wondering if I would ever spend extravagantly on my personal items. She loves being recognizable, loud and visible when I would rather stay in, in the shadows and enjoy privacy.

Our boyfriends couldn’t be more different. They are poles apart. Hers similar to her and mine parallel to me in numerous ways. You might say we found our halves if that doesn’t sound so cliché. Their approach to life differs greatly and their personalities worlds apart. Suffice to say we’d be massively unmatched if we traded places.

Each likes his own

We’ve been with each other through key moments in our lives since we met. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, I would live yes but it wouldn’t be the same. She’s shaped part of who I am today and I pray we last for our lifetimes. Being who we are, alike and unlike in every way, wanting the same things and at the same time not, is what several friendships thrive on. The contrasts often affecting growth within us more than the similarities do. Shunning someone with dissimilar views or tastes from us stunts our development. There’s something to learn from each of us. The next time you find yourself disagreeing with someone about a certain thing or other, stop and think for a moment before barring them from your life completely or better yet, spewing ill notions about them. They may just be that great friend in disguise.

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