Time, Today


It’s that day today, that day. The day I embrace this new chance I have been given to pursue all I want to. It’s the day I forgive myself for everything that I’ve done and let go of all the guilt. It’s that day that I choose to think positive and love myself through my thoughts. Today is that day, the day I act, I love, I forgive, I move, I give; it’s that day.

Above all, I choose today to be who I am, who I want to be; to laugh and to believe. It’s the day I have faith in all that’s good, I choose to be kind and to be understanding. Moreover, I choose to feel beautiful, to look good, to put in all my effort and to trust myself.

I will live and enjoy this day. Consequently, I choose today to be me, to push myself to where I want to be. I choose to dream, to touch, to feel and to move. It’s the day to embrace and to see beyond, to look deeply and to learn, to know and to respect all others.

Today is that day.

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