We are one

There are so many theories of where we as a human race come from. Evolution and creation are some of them and others keep coming up as we go along. The one thing that is common in all of them is that they all started with one man and one woman. That we all came from one person and adapted to the various locations we wound up being in. That we all are one.

We are one, is the one thing we all forget and divide ourselves in the lines of race, tribes, religion, economic status, and so many other lines. This affiliation to one side or the other drives us and sometimes is the prerequisite reason for some of the decisions we make in our lives. These lines push us to violence, discrimination, hatred, loneliness and bitterness on information we either received from our ancestors or we’ve decided to believe ourselves.

We are one. We forget that we’re all human, we hurt, we smile, we laugh, we hope and we seek happiness. We eat, we walk, we poop, we jump the same way. We all face rejections and failure and try to find hope in the little things we can hold on to. We all try to be the best versions of ourselves and we all strive to achieve all we want to. We bleed, we pain, we trip and fall and we need direction.

We are one and we forget this. That we need each other in this life, that we are the extension of one another, that we get to where we are going through each other, with each other and for each other. That we are who are who we are because of each other, we find ourselves through each other and we are our best selves by the associatons we have with each other. We test ourselves, learn about ourselves and realize ourselves through one another.

We are all one. We forget this and we betray ourselves. We deny ourselves the fundamentals that make us who we are by dividing ourselves in whatever lines we deem fit. We are one and we should embrace that, accept that and teach that. That wherever we go, we are reflection of whomever we meet and at the core of our being we all share in everything.

We are all one.

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