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We’re both Young and Old now

We’re as old as we’ve ever been, as young as we’ll ever be

Think about it; at this present moment we’re the youngest we’ll ever be and we’ll never be as young as we are now. Consequently, we’re as old as we’ve ever been; we’ve never been this old before. The present time is of the essence. Whatever we’ve ever wanted to do or say, we have the chance to do it now. This moment is ours; given to us to seize as we wish.

Time passes by like the snap of our fingers. Soon the days we hoped would move quickly are far behind us. The ones we wished would go more slowly are only memories in our minds. School seemed endless to me, I thought I’d never finish. From primary to high school then university was all but 12 years which now is less than half the years I’ve lived. I looked forward so much to finishing and getting a job or starting my own business.

When we dwell in the present and tackle issues dealing with now, we tend to worry less if not at all. All our energy is diverted into dealing with the problem at hand instead of pondering on the regrets of the past or worrying about the demands of the future. The present is what we have, what we feel and what we do. This is what can be taken action upon, changed, modified and invested in. Whatever it is now is the time to do it.

Revel in the now

It’s all those activities that we take part in, that keep us in the present; specifically those we enjoy the most. Whether it’s taking that climb, playing that game or eating that delicious meal we’ve missed for weeks; it’s these things and more that keep us grounded in the now. We remember these moments with zeal because it’s in them that we put in our all and so we reaped all the benefits from them. The most we get from a moment is how much we put into it and that what’s happens when we’re focused on the present; we make the most out of it. Enjoy the now, revel in it, it’s what you have.

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