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What’s growing in your brain?

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There’s so much information going around nowadays. From videos, podcasts and blogs to books, social media and television there’s more than enough for everyone. Actually there’s more information now than there has been any other time before. So, the question comes here, what are you choosing to ingest? What are you planting in your brain? What’s growing there?

Information is specific to you

With the supply of information way higher than the demand, as a consumer you need to be very careful on what you put in you. Something’s that good for you may be not be beneficial to me and may actually harm another person. This depends on how you lead your life, what guides you and how you plan to use that information.

Additionally, your brain deciphers data in your own way. Your perception is unique to you, you see things in your own way. Therefore you should select such, information that is for you.

Information is seed in your brain

By either seeing, reading, listening or participating in it, information is seed in your brain. You choose to take it in, plant it and consequently it grows. It forms a garden of flowers or a thicket of bush or a forest of trees, all this depends on what your growing. Moreover are you replanting, uprooting the weeds or watering it? Is it still growing, can new seeds be planted or are you now a dry land?

Think of everything you take in as a seed that will germinate and grow to form the basis of who you are. Is the seed you’re planting the kind you want to?

Take in wisely

Like a piece of land, your brain is ripe for cultivation. It’s yours to decide how to utilize it. Will you let it waste like an empty lot? Are other people using it for their own benefit while you stand aside? Are you following the seasons, adapting to survive the changing climate? The gardens, are you tending to them like you should? The trees, are you cutting them down for regrowth? Weeds in your farm, are you uprooting them for your plants to grow uninhibited?

Take it all in wisely, choose well what you decide to plant in your brain. Let each plant have enough space for growth. Take a break occasionally as the farmer. Utilize it to the full potential you envision. It is yours, your own piece of land. What’s growing in there?

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