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Worth, what’s yours based on?

I’ve been feeling some kind a way for a while now. It’s got me wondering how I view myself. Is it because I need a certain someone to nod my way? Is it because I have a certain amount of money? Is it because I own certain things? I realize that I feel this way because I place my worth on shaky things. That I need to have a strong foundation on how I value myself.

We all have worth as we are on our own. Our value is quantified by how best we see ourselves and sometimes how we think we should be. Who we are, what we do and what we have are the major questions we ask when we’re trying to justify our worth. Both to ourselves and to others.

I rarely think about it, However, I discovered that small things prick me, make me question what I think of myself. Sometimes I don’t get as much appreciation as I desire. Other times, I am not able to afford things I require. Such times I feel less, less of me, less of what I think of myself. Small things shouldn’t shift my worth within me.

So, I have decided to restructure my worth in line with unshakable, untouchable things. Place my worth in my Faith, in God, in certainty of what I believe. To have my value standing upon things I trust are certain, things that stand the test of time.

Worth. What’s yours placed on?

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